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At Wild & Free Services, we work closely with our clients, keeping them in the loop every step of the way, as we create systems that give you room to breathe as you build a brand that clients can trust wholeheartedly.


why we do it

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive and supportive client experience - providing you with the guidance, expertise, and tools you need to minimize your work load and elevate your client experience by optimizing your backend.

our approach

No project is too small. From contracts to schedulers to optimizing your emails, we make sure there's not an area that isn't missed so your workload is kept at a minimum. 

your bACKEND,
but better

Take a step back a rest knowing we'll be in your backend ensuring everything is running smoothly. Once we're at wrap up you'll have the confidence knowing how to use your Dubsado efficiently.

Your dayS, less stress

We get it. Systems may not be your thing. This is why we provide multiple ways we offer support even after we work together so you can continue feeling confident in your backend. 

high touch points with confidence

In my four plus years of experience, we have had the opportunity to work with over 20 business owners in optimizing their backend so their business can run more efficiently - not just for them, but for their clients. Allowing them to operate in their zone of genius and take back their time truly lights me up

Our greatest desire is to help you regain your time with a streamlined client experience that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

If you’re ready to kiss the overwhelm goodbye and fall back in love with your business, then it's the perfect time to work together.

meet naomi

dubsado setup

starting at $867 per month

You invested in Dubsado because you desired to save time so you can grow your business. Instead you feel more overwhelmed as you are still sending contracts and invoices manually.

Best for you if: You want support in creating a streamlined client experience that saves you time so you can deliver the quality experience your clients have always deserved.

*Payment plans available

+ Process Mapping & Strategy
+ Branded form templates (questionnaires, contracts, client portal, etc.) via Canva
+ Copywriting for canned emails
+ Packages & Payment Plans
+ Payment Plans
+ Client portal (if needed)
+ Scheduler set up
+ Workflow implementation & testing
+ Pre-recorded workflow walkthrough & SOP
+ 30 days support post project

Delivery Time: ~1-2 Weeks


Dubsado Setup & Custom form design

STARTING AT $1067 per month

*client favorite*

You are in a season of high demand, and your business is growing. But so is your to-do list. And not only do you want Dubsado to do more of the heavy lifting, you want customized forms that elevate your brand even more.

Best for you if: You're ready for a streamlined workflow, branded forms, and to elevate your business in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

+ Custom coded form templates
+ Two (2) revisions on forms
+ Process Mapping & Strategy
+ Copywriting for canned emails
+ Packages & Payment Plans
+ Payment Plans
+ Client portal (if needed)
+ Scheduler set up
+ Workflow implementation & testing
+ Pre-recorded workflow walkthrough & SOP
+ 30 days support post project

Delivery time: 8-12 Weeks


- Nikki Palcan (she/her)

Chicago Wedding Photographer

As my business has grown, I needed a workflow that could keep up with me to ensure that each of my clients were taken care of. She did just that! Naomi was able to create a workflow that keeps me organized and automated everything that could be making my life so much easier. 

"I feel confident and thrilled to have a new workflow to provide an even better client experience."

- Amber Garrett (she/her)

Vegas Wedding Photographer

"I've always heard the term SOP thrown around, but now I feel like I have my own SOPs. I'm not just another photographer or just another business owner. I'm a BUSINESS, baby!!! I've got workflows and standards and automation, and I don't have to do it all myself!"

"I feel like I have my time back!"

- Hayley Rafton (she/her)

Australia Elopement & Lifestyle Photographer

My whole system from inquiry to testimonial is completely covered which feels like a miracle. I am more excited to work on other aspects of my business that I'm way more passionate about! Plus, I can now work more on shooting and working with people rather than being in the inbox.

"Naomi is literally a GODSEND"

- Sarah Jaya (she/her)

OBM | Marketing & Systems Strategist

"My clients love that everything is in one place & I love that once I set everything to automate, I don't need to worry about sending contracts, invoices, or onboarding information."

"To say I'm grateful is an understatement"

- Jordan Gill (she/her)

Founder of Done In A Day + Operations Consultant

"Before working with Naomi I just didn't have the mental space to display in a succinct way teaching our students Dubsado...Naomi got what I needed FAST and executed so well. She was able to give great tutorials and help set our students up for success."

"naomi knows Dubsado in and out & the most effective way to streamline the process"

- Magdalena Fisher (she/her)

Photographer, Lawyer, & Entrepreneur

"Before working with Naomi I was overwhelmed with Dubsado proposals & workflows! Now I feel SO much better and more put together for our client-facing forms!"

"Beautiful branded forms & Efficient communications!"

- Kelsey Juntwait (she/her)

Social Media Expert

"I owe that entirely to Naomi and her quick implementation..I could've never launched that course so quickly without [her] speed (and taking that off the plate of my employee)."

"in five months I scaled to five-figure months"

Real stories from actual clients

READY TO get back to what you love and let your backend do the heavy lifting?

The last thing you want is for your business to hold you back from giving more to your clients. 

Let's get your process spiced up so your experience can be remembered where ever you are.