Build Your Workflow Mini Course

The self-paced course that teaches you the foundations of how to confidently build a workflow that allows you to work smarter and not harder.

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You must be here because right now your workflow is, well, nonexistent 😬

+ It’s literally the one thing you know you need to set up but you’re always up against time so you keep manually doing everything.

+ Your sticky note "create your process" has been on your wall for a good two years and it doesn't seem like it'll move any time soon. 

+ Now that you have some time to finally organize your business, you quickly become overwhelm because you don't know where to begin.

It’s time you learn to create a workflow that fills in the gaps so you can streamline your business with ease!

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+ The exact framework I use to creating a workflow that is easier to add into Dubsado & Honeybook

In this self-paced course you'll learn:

+ Step by step how to include everything to elevate your clients’ experience to make it referral-worthy every time someone books you.

I'm so ready!

+ How to strategically document your process in a way that can be rinsed and repeated for other workflows.

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5 Modules | 10 videos that walk you through the whole process from inquiry to offboarding

Instant lifetime access ($997 value)

Done-for-you workflow template, checklists & more ($297 value)

Private FB Community with like-minded entrepreneurs ($997 value)

A Total value of over $2000 for only $197 (limited time only)

Build Your Workflow dives into how to build your framework using Wild & Free’s Signature Workflow Building methods.

I hand you my exact strategies for building your workflow so you can add it to your CRM and feel less overwhelmed in your business!

For just $197 USD, here's what is waiting for you inside:

What is a workflow and why do we need it? 

The difference between a system, workflow, and process and how they all work together.


The inquiry phase is crucial and there are several factors to think about when you’re going through it. 

By the end of Module 1, you’ll have a clear understanding of managing your inquiries.






We’ll go through how you can keep in touch with your clients without blowing up their inbox. I mean, they’re already dealing with so much, but you want to provide a full experience, right?

We’ll cover payment reminders, check-ins, resources, feedback, and more.

Your leads are HOT now and it’s time to secure their spot.

This module covers everything you need to make sure they’re locked in and paid up from the contract, invoice, proposal, questionnaires, onboarding, FAQs, and more!

You did it once, but you should absolutely do it again!

 I'll show you how you can rinse and repeat this entire process over and over again for all your future clients and workflows to create a seamless experience again and again.

Just as you made sure everything was flawless at the beginning of your time together, you want to leave them wishing there were other ways for them to work with you, too!

This module covers the offboarding process and testimonial requests.

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$197 USD


Meet your Workflow Expert!

Having 4+ years serving others as an Office Manager and Receptionist, I was always learning on the spot. With no workflow in place I made it my job to make sure the person after me had a streamlined workflow that made everything much smoother. 

After helping out a wedding photographer set up and automate her workflow in Dubsado, I realize that I had been creating workflows since before I even knew what the word meant! Being a burntout entrepreneur I knew how it important it was to have automations in my business to do things for me!

For that reason, I created this course to help others do the same for their business!


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